Another Michael Jackson?

Cheerful Monk had this to say about my avatar in my post “I Am Better Than I Look.”

“It would be nice if your picture weren’t so dark.”

Photographs don’t lie CM! I am a dark fellow. I am an Indian with roots going back to the Southern part of India where dark complexioned folk are the norm rather than the exception.

I know of course that Indian men are now very complexion conscious and try to get the Michael Jackson treatment. But I am at a stage of my life when I have to be satisfied with long distance unconsummated romances and betrothals. No amount of applying fairness creams will work.

Where fairness creams will not work, photoshop certainly would. So, a lighter photograph of mine would look like this:

That in not me. That is my ghost!

Thank you my anonymous long distance romantic interest for two great ideas.

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