Another Outing.

My beard trimmer conked out and I had to go to the manufacturer’s service station located at a distance of 12 Kms from my home. I put on a mask, got into an autorickshaw, and went off to see a bit of Pune that I had not seen for near four years.

It was a great experience passing through many landmarks on the way that brought back many memories of my more mobile days and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive to and from the Service Center. So much so that the driver of the auto even asked if I was new to Pune!

The place that I  had to go to is called Swargate and I was simply amazed at the changes that have taken place during the time that I had not visited that area. The major junction is now free of the long waits at the signal due to the flyovers that have come up and we were able to go pretty fast to where I had to go after the main junction.

The icing on the cake was the excellent customer service that I received at the Service Center and the very considerate driver of the auto who drove efficiently, helped me in and out of the auto and over all kept me entertained throughout the adventure.

An outing that has given me the necessary impetus to be more adventurous from now on and more importantly the confidence to my son and daugher in love that I can still be left alone to my devices!

16 thoughts on “Another Outing.”

  1. When my beard trimmer failed, I just bought a new one at Walmart. It wasn’t our local store. I think it was several hundred miles west of here when we were traveling.

    It’s good that you had an enjoyable day out!

    1. Between you and me, I was tempted to buy a new one online to save all the bother but, after a phone call to the service center to find out the cost of repairs and the estimated auto fare, I decided to venture out. The cost of repair came to just a quarter of what a new one would have cost me. In the bargain, I also had such an enjoyable time.

  2. It is understandable for someone who had not ventured out for 4 years. This I hear more often nowadays from many who were all confine due to d to their homes/ apartments during the last 11 months except for necessities. Hope in the process of solo venture you got your trimmer serviced and perhaps returned by the same auto-rickshaw, with the driver introducing you to many newer things that had changed the landscape of your return route. Suddenly it looks like you enjoyed some freedom!! Wishing you more such chances without the need for any repair work. Srinivasan

    1. I perhaps did not clarify properly. I had not gone to the Swargate area for four years. I have been going out to the other parts of the city before the lockdown. I intend going out more now that I have tasted the fruit as it were.

  3. Daadi pathindu erinjudaan….beedi patha matchbox thedinaanam!
    His beard was on fire and he was looking around for a matchbox to light his cigarette!
    Was reminded of this Tamizh proverb…
    Well done…next build up energy to fly to Bangalore!

    1. Great proverb. Thanks for reminding of that. Getting out of Pune is a challenge that I will have to attempt sooner than later. Since I have been adviced not to be vaccinated because of my COPD, I will have to wait for a while before I attempt that. When I do, it will be Bengaluru that I will visit first.

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