Another Special Teacher.

My regular readers know what a high opinion I have of the teaching profession. I have written about some teachers who have left indelible impressions on me and to whom I shall always be grateful.

Today I had the privilege of attending a function organised by eleven students who had all been tutored by a dear friend to get their PhD degrees. Dr. Subhash Bhave was a year senior to me at the business school that I had attended between 1965 and 1967. Although we had not interacted much during the one year that we shared the same campus, we immediately recognised each other a few years ago when the Pune chapter of the institute’s alumni association was formed. Subhash had chosen to be in the management education field rather than be a hands on manager and he is quite well known in Pune’s fairly large academic circles.

We had been meeting each other regularly in all the alumni association meetings and it was a very pleasant surprise to be invited to the function to felicitate the highly respected professor on his 75th birthday.

There were many things that I did not know about Subhash which I came to know from the speeches made by others who had interacted with him more at the professional level and it was a very humbling experience to learn about how much he has contributed to Pune’s Management Education sector.

The first photograph shows traditional chanting of Vedic mantras by pandits to felicitate him on his birthday and the second shows him having just been honoured with our traditional turban. He was also presented with a scroll of honour in bronze which I was unable to photograph as I was too slow to react to the presentation taking place. Please click on the images to get bigger images.
2014-11-02 16.53.08

2014-11-02 17.10.52

I salute you Subhash and wish you a very happy birthday. I take this opportunity to convey to you my best wishes for many more. May the most you want be the least you get.

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