Another Treat.

My regular readers will remember my pre Covid partner in crime Ramesh, with whom I used to go to the movies regularly. During almost the whole of last year we did not meet but were in regular telephone touch with each other.  This year too we have not met personally yet, though we have seen and spoken to each other on a few occasions, with a fence separating us.

Ramesh rang me up last night to announce that a treat will be delivered to me at home for lunch today. It came just before lunch time and my day was made.

This is Sai Bhaji a dish popular among Sindhis and which Ramesh knows I like very much.

We had made idlies and onion chutney to go with it and the unusual combination was simply sensational.

I over ate and had a blissful siesta and as I write this am full of gratitude for Ramesh and our country’s varieties of cuisines.

Have you experimented with mixing up different cuisines during a single meal?

4 thoughts on “Another Treat.”

  1. I don’t think I have mixed various cuisines in a single meal.
    but I do love this post!
    I could ‘almost!’ smell the wonderful dishes! I’m sure the pictures didn’t begin to do it justice! so glad you enjoyed. what a lovely thing Ramesh did!

    1. Ramesh is a gem. I can write a book about what an amazing human being he is and how much he has done for many others. What he does for me pales in comparison but, he is like that.

  2. I can enjoy Mexican food with anything. The real stuff, not the Taco Bell variety.

    Actually Ramana, I love every dish you post. I am such a fan of authentic Indian variety of foods from all over.


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