Ansooya Rajgopaul – A Tribute.

amma and Pad2

To the left is the apple of the eyes of the Rajgopauls, my sister Padmini who many of my readers would know from some of her comments on my posts. To the right is our mother, the late Ansooya Rajgopaul, who left us ten years ago. Had she been alive, today would have been her 87th birthday and this is a tribute from her four children, grand children and great grand children, who hope that she will read this wherever she is.

She was the cement that made the four of us and all her grandchildren what we are today. A close knit and loving family despite distances separating us. Thanks to modern communication methods, though we are not physically next to each other, we are all in touch and meet as often as we can to just be together. Had she been alive, perhaps, today we would have all gathered somewhere to celebrate her birthday.

May she bless her children, grandchildren and great grand children, none of the last of who she ever got to see.

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