Aplogies For The Break In Transmission!

I apoligize for the absence of my blog from the internet the last few days. As, is obvious, it is now up and running. I have taken such steps as are possible to prevent this from recurring, but hackers are smarter than we think, I am told. I just hope for the best.

I am grateful for the many blog friends who wrote to me about my blog having disappeared from view. I traced the fault to a malware and am particularly grateful to Mike for having given me the indication about the Russian hacker or whatever who was responsible.

I also am grateful for the many mails of encouragement and hope that the blog will be up and running soon. These made me chase matters till the blog was finally up. I am most grateful to Ranjan who made it possible after a great deal of effort. Without him, this would not have been possible.

What better way to start the ball rolling than a really rip roaring post? Await the next one with bated breath. I promise you that it will be a hoot as Bikehikebabe would say.

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