Are People Intelligent Or Stupid In This Pandemic Situation?

I suspect that this topic has been inspired by this photo and the article about it.

My response is simple. Most are intelligent and will follow sane advice on preventing the infection while some will be stupid and trust either religious dictats or false propaganda.

Some will insist on being super stupid.

My response is using images during the current pandemic but, such behaviour is all but human and reflects mankind in general in all situations. How many smokers have kept on smoking saying that many non smokers get cancer of the lung and many smokers do not?

Finally, I leave it to my readers to come to some conclusion about the topic after reading this article.

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17 thoughts on “Are People Intelligent Or Stupid In This Pandemic Situation?”

  1. One of the ladies on a local grass-roots Facebook group asked me if I could create a graphic and a post about a situation that involved a company’s COVID testing policies.

    I replied to her, in part, “Given the way that people go off on so many tangents with a COVID related post, I don’t think we want to get into that even if it shows C___ and G____ (G____ partners) to be just as bad with COVID as they are with other things.”

    Later, she posted to the group a simple message that basically was a prompt for people to wear masks when in public. That simple post resulted in almost 100 comments in just a couple of hours. There were a number of comments about masks not working and that they could actually make you sick. One of those was from a local lawyer who we’ve “known” for a few decades (and wondered how he passed the bar exam). It finally got so bad that she deleted the post!

    Our state just recorded it’s single highest day tally for new COVID cases. Our top state officials are pleading with the public to wear a mask when they go out saying that it is an effective measure that can limit the spread of COVID.

    I expect our state’s case count and death total to continue to rise at alarming rates in the near term.
    Mike Goad recently posted..COVID-19 Screenshots

    1. Wearing masks has been very controversial here too and I simply cannot fathom the reluctance to wear it and the willingness to take the risk. Social costs of acquiring the infection is very high and this too does not seem to bother the nay sayers.

  2. interesting. the article says that the leader’s party is now trying to convince their people to wear a mask… and to un-politicize the whole mask wearing thing. WHAT???
    you mean they’re finally going to listen to a ‘bunch of dumb scientists and trained and knowlegable people who actually deal with FACTS?’
    I hope they’re successful. but I doubt it will happen.
    we seem to have an entire country full of grown up two year olds who insist on having their own way in just about everything.
    even if it’s to their own and other’s detriment or demise.
    because… after all.. you know…
    they’re BORED with the whole thing.
    it hampers their whole freedom thing and it’s not cool.
    I mean… you know.

  3. People are basically children aren’t they? You can’t tell me what to do. It hurts. Freedoms! Lies from China. It’s a hoax. Prayers will take it away. It’s not as bad as flu. It’s The Rapture!

    Gawd, it’s so predictable and boring.


  4. It seems that the USA peoples a bit reluctant if their very personal matters is regulated by the state, like : you must wear a mask, you must maintain the distance, do not shake hand, you must stay at home.
    Yes that’s about “Human Rights” and “Liberty” and “Freedom” as if wanna says “The risk was mine, and so the private freedom”.

    1. A bit reluctant is an understatement Tikno. Personal freedom is one thing and endangering others is another and adding to the already strained health services is another.

  5. I think the jury’s still out on the value of face coverings. I gather they only offer a very small level of extra protection. Northern Ireland has virtually eradicated the virus, even though very few people wear face masks. But I guess in somewhere like the USA, which is now going through a quite dramatic second wave, people need all the protection they can get and that includes face masks. Personally I haven’t yet worn a face mask and six months on I haven’t been infected. But from July 10 I’ll have to wear one on public transport.

    1. Densities of population and intensity of social interactions makes the difference. Another place with sparse population is New Zealand where too people go about without masks and the pandemic is well under control.

  6. Interesting ponder, and I think you got it right. For all of those we’ve seen not wearing masks in public, even when there are signs on the doors, there are way more who are wearing masks, and I have to applaud those people. What they’re finding is that many of the people not wearing masks have turned into petri dishes giving other people the virus, because having it doesn’t mean you’ll show symptoms, but it definitely means you can give it to others.

    Of course, I’m in a dangerous demographic; so is my mother, who lives with me. I wish they’d told us earlier to wear masks, but we got out of it okay. New York was the highest in the nation in cases, now it’s got the lowest percentage of new cases because we wore masks and quarantined. The way I see it, the proof is in the pudding (one of these days I’m going to look that up to see where it came from lol).
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Why People Are Mad At You For Your Social Media Willful Ignorance

    1. I am also a senior citizen and my family ensures that when people visit us, despite all precautions, I am isolated in my bed room while they interact with the visitors keeping social distance norms. The proof keeps changing almost on a daily basis and statisticians are as confused about the pandemic as the experts are.

  7. the only time I’ve worn a mask was when I had no choice to see the doctor, now I could’ve just got a prescription faxed to a pharmacy, but I had a problem with my hands.

    the only other time I wear a mask is when I vacuum, sawing up wood or spent time with dusty things at home…but that’t not about a virus, that’s to do with my lungs

    I’m in NZ, where the only current cases are through the border gov’t quarantine/isolation facilities – there hasn’t been any community transmission for well over a month. Most of that was through clusters where some/one infected a whole lot more.

  8. As you say, people are people. There will always be some who seem to be stupid and some who seem to be smarter. Sometimes history teaches us that our ideas on who belong to which group were entirely wrong 🙂

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