Are People The Same Everywhere?

“Pharmaceutical companies will never find the holy grail of a female Viagra — not in this culture driven and drained by middle-class values. Inhibitions are stubbornly internal. And lust is too fiery to be left to the pharmacist.”

“Well, let me tell you we have them all in our vibrant society. Only, we want to pretend they don’t exist. Which is also why our top rated soaps today celebrate rural ‘values’ and applaud child marriage along with other ‘traditional’ virtues. India is way too hypocritical to own up its own Carrie Bradshaws. But show me one local fashionista who wouldn’t want to be in her Louboutins!”

Those two concluding paragraphs are from two lady writers that I came across in one day. The first one is by Camille Paglia, from an article titled “No Sex Please, We’re Middle Class.” in the New York Times. The second one is by Shobhaa De from an article titled “Sex and our cities”, in the Indian weekly magazine The Week.

As a male, I find both these articles driving home one very important point. People are the same everywhere. Or is it only where people have been exposed to White Anglo Saxon puritanic value systems like both the USA and India have been? Apparently, before India got colonized, Indians were quite uninhibited. Missionaries who accompanied the traders first and the rulers next, appear to have influenced change to a more Victorian value system! I wonder if the same was true about the native Americans, also coincidentally called Indians!

Or, are there factors other than what these ladies write about at work?

Are there people who do not suffer from such problems anywhere in the world?

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