Are The Mystics Right, Is Time An Illusion?

illusionWhy only mystics? Even scientists now say that time is an illusion.

Every “thing” ie what can be called Reality, including time can exist only if there is a perceiver. No two perceivers see the same “thing”. The smallest matter that physicists have been able to perceive is ephemeral. If I sit with my girl friend, 30 minutes seem to fly away. If I sit with my mother in law, thirty minutes seems to be for ever!

Coming back to the perceiver, if there is no perceiver, there is no perceived and no perception. What is is just consciousness. When consciousness decides to use a tool like you and me, it lights that up and we perceive and there is experience.

But let us not get involved in that debate. Let us take a simple example.

It takes eight minutes for sunlight to reach the earth. The light of the nearest star to earth reaches us after 8 million years. In other words, we can not even know if that star exists ‘now’ or not.

If that does not prove that time is an illusion, I do not know what will.

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