Are we losing our sense of humour?

President Obama’s interview with Jay Leno has attracted a great deal of comment, mostly favourable, with the exception of his ability to bowl. He made the cardinal error of saying that he felt like a participant in the paralympics, when he was talking about his bowling skills. He was making fun of himself not any handicapped athlete. His ability to crack a joke at himself should be counted as high sense of humour, but the press and many others have gone overboard with criticism of his gaffe.

President G W Bush either said or heard or observed something funny and winked at Queen Elizabeth and the media went berserk! Her Royal Highness has not said a word about it, but everyone else and his uncle have blasted the man for being whatever. He was the President of the USA, elected by the people of the USA, the biggest, the best and whatever else superlatives that one can call and he was just being playful and expressed his amusement by that wink. A natural thing that a lot of my friends use as do I.

In a recent community meeting, I was unable to understand something that a neighbor was explaining and requested her to elaborate and added that I suffered from arthritis of the brain, to make the situation less serious and to put her at ease. Another lady in the meeting took serious objection to my using the word arthritis in such a ‘nasty’ way and accused me of being insensitive to the pain and discomfort of people with arthritis. The same lady had cracked an ethnic joke at my expense just a couple of days earlier. I had laughed and enjoyed it as much as the others there.

Now what is going on here? Are we beginning to lose our sense of humour? Being politically correct and saying inane things like visually handicapped for a blind person, mentally challenged for a lunatic etc does not fool anyone, and why persist with these things?

Or, am I from the wrong side of the tracks?

Future kid/parent conversation:

“Mommy, can I have my implant, PLEEEEEZE”
“No dear,not until you’re 16″
“But Mommy, Britney Kowalski has hers, and she’s ony 10″
“Yes dear, but she’s also got tattoos, and she lives in a trailer park. They’re not nice people dear”.

If it is alright to crack such ethnic jokes such as these, why can we not just be natural and use ordinary funny words and phrases to convey humour?

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