Are You Enjoying What You Are Doing?

Today’s topic or rather question has been posed by weekly Friday LBC blogger Pravin. Apart from he and me, Shcakman is likely to write on the same topic at his blog. Do visit both to get a drift of their thinking on this topic.

The answer to that question dear Pravin, is yes.

I am in my retirement after a fairly long and eventful corporate and personal life where I don’t have to watch the clock or do things that I don’t like to do.

I am in that enviable position of doing just what gives me pleasure like reading, solving crossword puzzles, blogging and watching movies;  and avoiding those that don’t.  Except some obligatory things like family matters, I don’t have to do anything that I don’t want to do.

I also have a wide circle of friends and loving family who are regularly in touch either personally or through modern methods of communication and what more can a man ask for?

I therefore reiterate that the answer to the question is a very big “yes.”

17 thoughts on “Are You Enjoying What You Are Doing?”

  1. With me it is –
    1. I am enjoying it,
    2. I dont like it but have to do it,
    3. I dont like and therefore dont do it and
    4. I like and dont have the opportunity to do it 🙂 all four possibilities

  2. It all depends what I’m doing. It ranges from very reluctant domestic chores through to very enjoyable listening to my favourite albums. But on the whole my life is enjoyable and there’s very little I would change.
    nick recently posted..Shrub shortage

  3. you KNOW i’m enjoying everything I do now! we’ve talked about it.
    if I had known how lovely retirement is… and if I only had enough money for it… I might have tried to retire earlier! just a lazy little beast at heart apparently!
    it’s all good sean.
    my trip was simply wonderful. how I love that family. M/Sgt Mike is amazing. 3 of the men in his special ops group got killed by the enemy this same time last year and so they did a 6 mile ruck march in memoriam for them this year that was scheduled while we were there. they marched with 50 pound packs on their backs which is what they normally carry anyway.
    but it was very touching really. it’s like losing a brother for them.
    and YES. as to your last post. . . I’m a dyed in the wool worrier.
    his next deployment starts in april and I’m already worrying. pointless. but still. so I know how you feel until the kids are back home safe. as you said… only THEN do you go into a deeper sleep.

    Jacob tried to get me to eat alligator tail. he calls it “swamp food!”
    he says it tastes just like chicken. AAAGGGHH! no thank you!
    most of the restaurants seem to have it on their menu. yuk.
    it was such a wonderful trip. but I’m always glad to come back home!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  4. I enjoy what I am doing as well, but there are times when I wish those in my circle would stop the nagging and the raging. The last couple of days had one person in 2 of the 3 events who caused me so much grief with her constant whittering about things that most were inappropriate at the time…

  5. Hi Rummy,

    I can also answer that question with a big resounding YES! I love what I am doing, I am enjoying myself and I hope I continue to do so in the may years to come. It’s a tough job but somebody gotta do it lol 😉

    Happy New Year, my friend, and thank you for reading our work at DS.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Scott’s Best and Worst People of 2016

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