Are you punctual?

As I had indicated in my Saturday’s post, this is the third post to answer the seven questions that Grannymar had asked in her meme.

Yes, sickeningly and unusually for the stereotyped Indian, so.

I quote from a blog post – “Punctuality is the virtue of the bored, said Evelyn Waugh. Many Indians would gladly agree since they seriously have a problem with punctuality. Let’s get some tips on dealing with tardiness.

Indians have always had a laissez-faire attitude towards punctuality. We have never let ourselves be ruled by the clock. A quick scan of a few websites on Indian social or business culture and you will find a common refrain in all of them: ‘Indians appreciate punctuality but may not reciprocate it’. Added to this will be a warning to keep your schedules flexible while in India or while doing business with Indians.

Obviously this is a generalization and all Indians cannot be judged by this yardstick. Every society has punctual people. And every society has people who make you wait just to show you how important they are.”

I do not know whether I should be pleased with myself for being in the group of punctual people or disappointed that I am not like the stereotype.

What do you think?

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