Artificial Intelligence And Hostess Twinkies.


I have recently been reading a lot about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and have even entered into some very interesting debates on facebook on the subject with some friends more knowledgeable than I am on it.

It is a fascinating subject and many of the possibilities that people are talking about may become realities in my lifetime and I am looking forward to seeing them.

I got an opportunity to meet up with an engineer who is currently working on it in the USA who frequently visits Pune in India to be in touch with the work done by his colleagues here. He is an American who has been friends with my son Ranjan for some time now but came to visit us just yesterday as yesterday his local office was closed for Vijayadashami.

I had an opportunity to question him on the subject and how it would work for the company that he is working in and he answered in detail and in a language that I could understand. For the first time ever, I was able to understand the intricate details involved in the development of AI and am very grateful to Joe for patiently explaining to me. I will ensure that he gets to read this via an email to him.

Apart from the tutorial, there was another very enjoyable introduction to an American legend which I had read about but never seen, bought or eaten – Hostess Twinkies.


When Joe had asked Ranjan if there was anything that he could get from the USA on his forthcoming visit to Pune, the latter who had been reading a comic strip featuring Hostess Twinkies, immediately said, yes and mentioned the twinkies.

So Joe brought four boxes with him and also shared with us the amusement that some of the people at airports and the plane had at the gift that he was taking for his friend in India.

So, apart from the festival feast that I had had for lunch specially prepared by Manjiree, I had the great pleasure of having Twinkies.  I just could not stop with one!  A great Vijayadashami.

Now you know the logic behind the rather intriguing  topic for this post.

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