12 thoughts on “Attitude.”

  1. And these days there is type ahead/auto correct which add an entirely different dimension to the term mistakes. We now have our computers and ourselves to error check and at times that can be daunting – LOL, But the attitude comment is right on.

  2. Keeping in mind that the Attitude is the pitch, roll and yaw, I am a bit skeptical on how many mistakes can be made and still survive. Unless you are Harrison Ford.
    Looney recently posted..A California Marmot

  3. I used to figure making mistakes was just part of learning. Nowadays Andy and I often make one when we “should have known better.” We laugh and say, “It ain’t going to get any better.”
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Sammy, Tweeter-in-Chief?

        1. yep Joared, I know – but then again your “fanny pack” also means something else here to a female part…

          (our respective slang expressions often get us into trouble in another culture…)

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