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  1. Those people who habitually judge everyone else and find them wanting usually have plenty of faults themselves, which they refuse to recognise. If they all started working on their own faults, my goodness, the world would be a much nicer place. Motes and beams, people in glass houses etc.

    1. For the first time in quite a while I do query your “judgment” on other people. I am sorry Nick, fact is that most people, some more tolerant than others, will judge. It’s human nature. I myself do not think I judge as such. That I am highly critical and will pick up people on their errors (as perceived by me) is no secret. However, and this is where some in blog land get it me wrong, I am the harshest most severe critic of myself. Which may be part of the reason that whilst I take critique on board, indeed welcome it because insight in how someone else sees us can be nothing but helpful, why I am almost impervious to the shit laid at my door. I know my value, I know my strengths, I know my failings. Wish more people had same insight into theirs. Then, as you say, the world would indeed be a more forgiving place.


      1. All I can say is, I see so many people judging and criticising other people, people who are often total strangers, people they know nothing about, and their opinions are unwanted, unkind and probably completely detached from reality.

  2. My dear Ramana, as Secret Agent said, an optical illusion. Please don’t mess with my brain. Not that you would do so deliberately. Reminds me of that famous optical mind play where, at least at first, you either see a young woman in the outline or an older one.

    On the straight if not the narrow, yours,

  3. It is so easy to judge and make ourselves feel even remotely better, for that is what judging is all about.

    And walking a mile in someone’s moccasins is a a good exercise mentally.

    And as a wise old shaman said, many years ago to a bunch of us students:
    Judging others is extremely useful, for then we know what to work on within ourselves.

    No truer words.


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