Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Unlike many of my friends and relatives, I got to see Bahubali 2: The Conclusion a full week after release. The multiplex hall where I saw it, was about 2/3 full for a matinee starting at 4.00 pm for the first time in my experience .  Some enthusiasts had paid fancy prices for the tickets during the first few days, but fortunately for me, the normal week day price was charged.

Bar one hall in a complex of 8 all others were showing the same film with commencements every half hour. The most hyped about movie of this year so far has proven to be a bigger hit than anyone expected, and is still going strong. Today is Friday, when normally new movies are released and today’s news papers did not announce even one!

In one word, Nuts. It is a phenomenon that this country has not seen before.

I did not mind sitting through three and a half hours of advertisements, trailers and intermission and thoroughly enjoyed seeing it. My fellow regular movie goer Ramesh, for a change, did not sleep through some of the movie which is a first for him too!

It is a Spectacular movie made with lavish special effects, sets and period costumes with very imaginative narration and direction marred only by over acting by all the actors. The overacting however makes the watching experience so much better.

In my opinion, the second in the series is a better production and I advice my readers who have not seen Bahubali: The Beginning, to first see it before they see this so that the story falls into place. Both will be exquisite viewing experiences.

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