Back Home And Blogging.

I have just returned from a very enjoyable weekend at and around Bangalore and have decided that I shall have many more in the future. If not in Bangalore, in other places, but just get away from Pune and be with some fresh faces and activity.

Talking about fresh faces, can you beat these two?

Okay, not very professional, but not too bad for photographs taken using my mobile phone, what?

In Bangalore I had a date with this lovely young lady, who made two hours spent with her seem like ten minutes!

This is the first ever. The first blog friend that I met face to face. Yes, this is Anu, our fellow LBC blogger. She did a more professional job and whipped out a regular camera from her very roomy bag which you can see in the photographs and took a couple of photographs of mine too. I hope that she does not publish them in her blog like I am doing now here with hers.

This is just to publicly thank Anu for the great couple of hours that she spared for me from her very busy calendar. I hope that you will be able to give me more time the next time we meet Anu.

A small footnote to express my regrets that I could not meet another famous blogger from Bangalore, Ashok. He conveniently ran away to Chennai when he came to know that I was visiting Bangalore. I was however able to steal a photograph of his expressing his joy at having escaped me.

Ashok, the next time around, I shall follow you. If only to see the same joy in your face as you show on this photograph.

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