Back Home.


I returned to Pune yesterday to be greeted with delightful monsoon weather and rain with very comfortable cool air. Coming as I did from Chennai where it was hot, humid and muggy, it was a relief. I was greeted with the sight of our river Mulamutha in spate as you can see from the photograph taken by my friend Susan.

From the time I came till now as I write 24 hours later, it has not stopped raining. We are informed that the deficit that we experienced in June and early July has been wiped out and we will not have any water shortages for yet another year running. Truly a blessing. Our reservoirs are either full or rapidly getting there and since August also promises to be good as far as rainfall is concerned, it augurs well for the next twelve months.

Not everything around us is good news however. We have had a tragedy yesterday at a very scenic place due to a landslide. The price ignorant people pay for deforestation. There are likely to be more such stories from other parts of the state.

In our neighbouring state Gujarat, things have been very interesting indeed!

So like every monsoon, some bad news among generally good news and I for one am delighted to be back where I am most comfortable. So, with apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson let me conclude:

Here I am back where I long’d to be;
Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.

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  1. Welcome back home. Like me, I am sure you are so glad to be able to settled back into your routine. 🙂

    The news of the landslide you referred to in Maharashtra was on the front page of our local paper this morning along with a couple of photographs. Those deadly landslides occur here in the United States from time to time for the same underlying reason.
    Alan G recently posted..Freeze-Dried Pets – Revisited….

  2. Our cool and wet year continues. Yesterday, the temperature didn’t rise above 71°F (21.7°C) with light rain beginning in the afternoon. When we travel to the mountains out west, we usually get away from the heat. This year, it might be a bit warmer on our way to the mountains than it has been here, but, once we get to the higher elevations and further north, we’ll be back to cool, pleasant weather.

    It’s always sad to hear of tragedies like that mudslide. The only ones I’ve seen in our area have been where excavation for roads or other purposes have destabilized a hillside.

    Enjoy your weather!
    Mike Goad recently posted..Transforming a photo to artistic sketch for a non-artist.

    1. Thank you Maxi. I have been back now for three nights and it has taken me this long to get to responding to all the comments on my posts. I have been busy catching up with backlog, but am glad to be back in my comfort zone.

    1. Yes, though the quantity of sleep that I got at my brother’s place was more than my usual, the quality was somewhat tempered by the strange bed. The quality improved back to normal and the quantity too to normal levels once I was back.

  3. welcome home rummy.
    just reading about your rain makes me feel good.
    we have had an unheard of bit of cool weather. 21c/70f … these last two days. tomorrow back to the oven!
    someday i’ll move to oregon. I am a rain lover my whole life.
    when others tire of it and are grumpy… i’m still loving it. but you have to be quiet in your delight… they are in a bad mood and wanting the hot sun!
    tammyj recently posted..jerkin’ your chain?

  4. It’s great having you back! I agree that the best part of traveling is being back home again. And I love the rainy season. We got drenched on the way home from the supermarket today, and it was great.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Downpours

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