Bad Breath!

King Hiero was once told by an enemy that he had bad breath. Dismayed at this piece of information, the King went to his wife and asked her why she never told him that he had bad breath. That poor lady simply said that she thought that all men had such breath! The King was happy that his wife did not know how other men’s mouths smelled but was still annoyed that no one from his family or friends told him about this condition.

Reading my post and Arvind’s comment on the Mystery Lady a friend sent me the problem with helmet wearing men also.

He added that it would be a good idea to follow sensible home remedies!

I wonder if he is sending me a message? Who needs enemies etc!

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  1. Chewing fresh parsley kills even the smell of raw garlic. Not that, in my opinion, there is anything wrong with smelling of garlic. Still, and please do smile such an innocent am I, I made the “mistake” of eating raw onion as part of a salad on my first “date” with future father of son. He didn’t kiss me. Which was a first for me. Everyone wants to kiss me. Instead of which, and for months to come, he called me “my little onion”. Slightly better than many other terms of endearment to follow. And – before I forget – he thought me the best (unpaid) cook ever. Onions and all.

    I think people (particularly the British) have become too squeamish about any type of (body) odour. Oh, did I laugh when there was some study that “flossing” is actually bad for your teeth. And that deodorants block your sweat glands. Not good since those glands are there for a purpose. Wash more I’d say and don’t be afraid of your pheromones.

    Fragrantly yours, Ramana,
    Ursula recently posted..Bear with me, please

  2. The scooter commercial is hilarious 😀 !

    This subject reminds me of a weekly TV show I watch (Doc Martin) where after much anticipation by the viewing audience it is apparent that he (Doc Martin) and his love interest are about to share their first kiss. As the kiss completes he withdraws with a sour look on his face and begins to express medical concerns and diagnoses regarding her very bad breath. Things went immediately downhill from there with regard to the budding relationship! 🙂
    Alan G recently posted..Movie Review – “Gravity” (2013)

  3. Everyone has bad breath at one time or another, Rummy.

    We have a saying in our house about the small stuff. “It ain’t the end of the world.”
    blessings ~ maxi
    Maxi recently posted..Please Don’t Go

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