Bad Luck Or And Karma.

Stated simply it is “Action resulting in Reaction.” I have been brainwashed from childhood that Karmaphala is inevitable and if I have to save myself from future troubles, I should do only good things and avoid doing bad things. This instilled belief has been reinforces by practical observation in my life as all positive and negative developments in my life that could not be explained through logic simply proved it and continue to prove it. There is simply no other explanation.

There is often the misunderstanding that Karma is applicable only to individuals. My study of the theory of karma teaches that there can be collective karma too and this too has been proved by observation throughout my life and continues to do so. Let us simply take the current pandemic. Why some got and others did not? Why some not taking precautions do not get it whereas despite taking all possible precautions, others do?

Instead of reinventing the wheel, let me simply request my readers to go through this wonderful handling of Karma.

And an interesting clip that I received as synchronicity just before I finished writing this post:

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13 thoughts on “Bad Luck Or And Karma.”

  1. I might call it something different but really believe what I put out there is what I get back. I honestly believe that those who are terribly wounded keep putting out methods of environment control to ease their pain but it only worsens and worsens.

    I could write a book on this.


  2. interesting particularly the clip of words and how Karma is exactly that a “circle” of what you give/take and in reverse. I saw many of the numbers applying to a current situation of a “friend, who was once a very good friend” but now said friend is reaping what she did to me, when everything I did was all wrong, I had disengaged. But now she is completely on the back foot of life as her own life is in need of “advice” – which I know I won’t be giving it to her! I felt a little sorry when she dropped by last week, and she looked in a way downtrodden…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..A year ago – today – 26/3/19

  3. I’ve never been entirely convinced of the idea of karma. People who are consistently good and altruistic can be badly treated by others, and out-and-out rogues can have plenty of admirers. I think good behaviour is something that should be pursued for its own sake, and not because of what it might lead to in the future.

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