Badlapur, A Review.

badlapurThere is no telling what will please who.  I was advised by three well meaning friends not to see this film as they had seen it and were convinced that it would not please me.  I had resisted other invitations to see it earlier but could not say no to Ramesh who was feeling out of sorts and wanted some diversion.  So off we went for an afternoon of diversion and I am glad that I did.

This is another film in the so called dark genre like Ugly that I had reviewed earlier.

The title literally translates the Revenge City and that straight away gives an indication as to what the story is likely to be on.  Yes, a story of revenge executed in style with panache and the twists in the tale that keeps one interested in staying the course of two and a quarter hours. The whole picture revolves actually around two characters, the hero and the villain with all the other supporting roles more or less  just that. Varun Dhawan and Nawazudding Siddiqui give very creditable performances.

Tight direction and excellent cinematography makes the experience worth spending the extra long time in the theater.  The occasional unnecessarity loud background music can be forgiven for the effect it provides to the whole experience but which gets me to drop giving it the full six and to settle with just a [rating=5] rating.

I took great pleasure in contacting my three advisors to share my review with and to argue as to why I thought that the picture was worth seeing.  I am getting increasingly impressed with the stuff that Bollywood is now coming up with.