10 thoughts on “Be Practical!”

  1. Hahahah! I wind the noodles around my fork. My son PROVED to me that ramen is meant to be slurped, and sent me YouTube videos to back up his assumptions. (There’s a ramen restaurant near here that uses #whatsyourslurpgame as a hashtag, so I think he’s convinced me – it’s just that a lifetime of habit is hard to break. I almost prefer the solution shown here – but then I’m stuck with a bunch of short noodles I can’t wind around a fork. What then, eh?)

  2. Full marks for inventiveness. And thanks for the laugh. However, despite our age gap – as he and I get older – now narrowing, my father would still have something to say to me at display of such “manners”. Remember, he is the father who queried, in not too friendly a way, why one of my sisters always brought a spoonful of food to her nose first before putting it into her mouth. She was only little. My “helpful” hint that maybe she had been a cat in a previous life, fearful of being poisoned, fell on less than fertile parental soil.

    I myself use a fork and a spoon to eat spaghetti. The spoon being recepticle to curl the spaghetti round the fork. It’s elegant – though, probably, frowned upon by both Italians and the table manners police. Still, better than the way the Chinese shuffle their food into their mouths with sticks and at amazing speed, bowl held close to their mouths. Frankly? Aesthetically their approach is questionable. Still, I suppose, whatever gets the job done.

    Question remains: Why were long shoelaces of pasta ever made? Other than to trip you up.


  3. interesting ideas – I think my scissors would inadvertently snip something else, like my other hand – but that’s because of my shaky hands…I mainly wrap the noodle around the fork with sometimes a spoon to assist. But I’ve also been known to slurp them up…

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