Bearded Men.

RR at weddingI am a bearded man.  I have kept my beard on from 1967.  I was advised by a dermatologist to keep one to avoid aggravating an attack of acne vulgaris and since I found that I saved quite a bit of time by not shaving in the morning every day, I have kept it since then.

Trust me, I personally do not have any other hidden agenda in keeping my beard.  I do not want to portray myself as an aggressive alpha male or project an image of being a saint.

I however am now told by this very informative article that I may well have a hidden agenda.

What do you think?

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  1. i have always loved a beard. my husband only grew one once in our married life. i was the only one who liked it! it was beautiful. and beautifully groomed. i think that is the key. he didn’t let it grow down scraggly on his neck. that’s the failing for most beards i think. they’re grandest when they’re clipped neatly. not just HANGING there! LOL.
    and aggressive? wouldn’t have ever thought that. distinguished to me.
    tammyj recently posted..hark!

    1. I did grow my beard to about top of the chest level a couple of times but had to revert to the trimmed version on popular demand! And I can assure you that I am anything but aggressive. Assertive yes though!

  2. Hmmmm -I have not had mine as long as you but it has been with me for decades. It just plain beats the hell outta shaving daily. Plus, little kids go nits when they see my near the end of the year.

  3. The article suggests bearded men are seen as having higher social status. Can this really be true? I’ve never thought that myself. British Prime Ministers for example are seldom bearded despite their elevated social status.
    nick recently posted..A yen for risk

    1. I would not know Nick. I have had mine for decades and I am not sure that I am perceived as having a higher social status. I don’t make it easy for people who ask why I keep the beard by answering that I cannot afford to buy razor blades.

  4. You are an attractive man, Ramana.

    As to beards. I don’t know. For me the jury is still out. My first husband had very long hair and a well trimmed beard. When our relationship fell apart (on my side) he came home, one day, his hair short, his beard gone. I went into shock. I couldn’t bear him touch me. It signified the end. It was the end.

    Ursula recently posted..Inception

    1. Thank you Ursula. Urmeela could never stand me without the beard. On those occasions that I had to shave it off for religious reasons, she would insist that I grow it back forthwith,

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