Bearded Persons, Beware!

Suddenly something that has been troubling me for some years has stopped troubling me any more.

Rarely, but plainly obvious instances of some one taking a dislike to me at the very first meeting, have taken place.   As I said, rarely, but they have taken place.

Whenever it happened, I was naturally upset as I couldn’t fathom why this happened.

Today, I learnt that there is a phobia called Pogonophobia.

I sport a beard.

I may not be able to do anything to avoid it but I can at least understand the reason why!

12 thoughts on “Bearded Persons, Beware!”

  1. Hmmm – I wonder if the same holds true for me? Nah – I just look like a big old shaggy dog. Other than a cat, who automatically dislikes dogs? Guess I am lucky I still have a fair amount of hair to offset the beard –
    shackman recently posted..Sunrise or Sunset

  2. As I’ve said before, I find beards rather silly so they just make me laugh. I had a beard myself once, during my John Lennon phase in the seventies, but I haven’t had one since. My facial hair is now so light I doubt I could even grow one again.

  3. It depends on the man. Some beards I’ve loved. I have a good friend whose​ beard smells really bad. And he’s a hugger. I mean really bad.

    Wisewebwoman recently posted..Label

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