Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder!

After perusing the clip reproduced below, I simply deleted it from my WhasApp application as I thought that it was not something that would interest any of my friends / groups.

The same clip was sent by the sender to another group to which I belong and many in that group commented on the clip and I requested my friend to re-send the clip to me.

I personally think that the end result is not quite my cup of tea as she looks totally unreal. I however think that it would be a good idea to let my readers, the ladies particularly comment on it.

21 thoughts on “Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder!”

  1. oh good lord. what a mess.
    she’s created some future problems for herself I would think. back pain for one! and like the tv commentator said … how does she have room for her organs?
    and she’s on “a mission?”
    somebody should tell her she’s not all that unique. there’s the Gibson Girl era. and also Scarlet O’Hara though she was a fictional character but she represented her real life southern belle counterparts who had a 16 inch waist.
    and then there’s the tribe in Africa whose idea of beauty is their elongated necks with the bands around them for support as well as for beauty.
    the real question to me is… do women do crazy stuff like that because ‘they’ think it’s pretty? like wearing spike heels that they claim men love … until they can’t walk well with their shortened tendons in anything else?
    do women just like it but blame it on men? because it’s “what men want.”
    it’s all a moot point. when they get old enough they will find beauty in comfort. or maybe they won’t. some torture themselves right to the end!
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  2. Amazing when people get things out of proportion.

    Ordinarily a bust like that would weigh heavily – not least on a woman’s spine. But then, who knows, maybe plastic breasts weigh no more than plastic.

    The ideal waist – yes, waspish. I am making this up from memory as I go along: A young woman’s waspish waist (remember corsets being pulled so tight you had to have smelling salts near you at all times lest you faint) originally was meant to emphasize her hips; wide hips being the symbol of being fit to bear children… Pregnant pause whilst reflecting on what some may think a cruel twist of fate.

    Honestly, Ramana, when you think about it (I myself can’t help laughing) it’s a very delicate dance when dancing to attract attention.

    To round my comment off with a titbit of one of my family’s many sagas: That woman could be my sister in as much as my sister keeps tinkering with what nature gave her. Nature gave her a lot. Good genes and stuff. Other than an ebb in her AA cup. And little confidence but an obsession with all things physical. I haven’t seen my sister in ten years and am unlikely to ever again. However, by all reports from both my mother and my sister’s sons and daughter (my nephews and niece) she is playing high stakes. If she won’t start being careful in her quest of eternal youth and its Botox there will be a time when she won’t be able to introduce me as her sister five and three quarters years older than her without giving the game away. But lying has always come easy to her.

    Enough of taking the mickey. The true shame of your example is that a face so plumped up by Botox you can’t SMILE properly (you know, with your eyes) is a face not worth having.

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  3. Well, if that’s what she wants to look like, that’s her business. All I can say is, the plastic surgeons must be laughing all the way to the bank. And yes, she must surely be putting up with serious back pain.

  4. It’s not healthy, and while I don’t fault HER for trying to fit some “vision of herself that’s in her head,” I do have to wonder about any surgeon who would enable her to this extreme degree. I think THAT may be unethical.

    It’s almost inevitable that she will have spinal problems, gastrointestinal issues (and perhaps other problems with other internal organs), and problems bearing children should she become pregnant (I didn’t watch/listen to the whole thing – that may not be an issue). The large breasts, unless they’re filled with helium, will only add to the spinal stress. (I had reconstruction after cancer surgery, and when I consulted a GP about pain in my neck, she suggested a reduction. I am, at best, a normal 38C. And I know from the surgical report that’s only about 4-5 lbs. It’s more the “front-loading” if you will, than the weight itself.)

    I cannot help but wonder, if she takes the corset off, does she have the core strength to stand upright?

    Once upon a time, women did this to themselves without removing ribs. It’s a wonder they could breathe at all. Most of us would not want to return to those days, even if the fashions are somewhat appealing.
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  5. My first reaction was compassion for her. As it is for anyone who surgically alter themselves to fit either the male gaze or some distorted internal image of female “perfection,”
    My second reaction was “porn star”. She comes close to embodying one. I venture the opinion that many men would find her attractive.
    My third is that she is in serious physical danger if she takes off that corset. It is holding her upright.
    Many cosmetic surgeons, and others, have no ethics when it comes to this endangerment of vulnerable people who, IMO, need drastic psychiatric interventions.

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    1. I come from a land where the idea of beauty of women is influenced by our traditional temple figures of buxom ladies with large bosoms, wide hips and narrow waists. That idea still will not accept this amount of reduction in the size of the waist. For me as a man, I would consider the figure as fragile rather than beautiful.

  6. As we heard, the parents at stunned…I can imagine they are wondering when disaster will befall their daughter. I suppose it is too late for the psychologists etc to get her some help, in why she would even decide that “balloon boobs and cinched mid portal” were the way forward – science be-dammed…as for plastic beauty surgeons, I guess if you search long enough you’ll find one who would love mega bucks…

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