Beauty Markets.

Some time ago, I had written in a lighter vein about my friend facing a problem with his size. Now, Nick has this post “Up For Grabs” up in his blog Nickhereandnow.
Intrigued after reading the post and all the comments there as well as the personal barbs I faced on return from my vacation with added and obvious pounds around my waist, I conducted some research and was stunned at what I found.

To start with, this article is mind blowing. Further research led me to some other graphs.

While I accept that the quest for beauty is universal, I wonder if human beings are not being brainwashed by various vested interests into torturing themselves to achieve what is considered to be perfection by the media and the beauty industry. Lest I be asked, let me clarify – I personally am not going in for any surgical intervention for my middle. Some dieting and resumption of my exercise routine should do the trick, but it would certainly appear that plastic surgery would be a great career option for any young medical student.

And many thanks to Conrad for this timely contribution to this post.

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  1. Marketing – welcome to captialism. Stick to Rick Nelson’s line – you can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself.
    Love Conrad’s cartoon too.
    shackman recently posted..Rains

  2. I know at least two people who have “surgical intervention for their</em middles." They are remarkably thinner, but I don't know that that means they are healthier. I'm with you, though. I have no plans for "surgical intervention for my middle.”

    Surgery, for me, needs to be reserved for medical necessity, not beauty.
    Mike recently posted..Traveling Yellowstone–1924.

    1. I have advised people not to undergo surgery for what is known here as tummy tuck but some of them have undergone the surgery and at least for now appear to have benefited. Quite what the long term implications are will be known only in the future.

  3. It’s been years since I even wore high heeled shoes or makeup, so I’m scarcely going to do anything more drastic. I focus on staying healthy.

    You say people comment about your weight. Do they comment about smoking, assuming you still do it?
    cheerful monk recently posted..I Have a Plan

    1. Despite the fact that currently I am on one of my no smoking periods, my friends keep commenting on my smoking. Most of them are old sinners and are now fanatical like new converts!

  4. Hi Rummy,

    I agree with you: nothing that a good dose of exercise won’t fix.
    People are too focused on their outter image (result: their inner image gets uglier by the minute). They should focus on their natural beauty instead (we all have it).

    In my opinion, these plastic sugery aficionados feel empty inside and do not love themselves properly; so they try to get that love from exterior sources through a fake concept of beauty.
    Mind you, I speak not of those who need reconstructive plastic surgery; I speak of the devotees to needless plastic surgery.

    It’s a complex theme.
    Nick seems funny.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Maxiavelli: The ICC Sets a Precedent

    1. Yes, Nick is a funny fellow. I don’t miss any of his posts.

      It is a complex theme and like many other matters of today, totally devoid of any logic.

  5. I’ve never wanted plastic surgery, firstly because there’s no part of my body I actively dislike and secondly because I find the prospect of an operation very scary. If other people want to go down that route, that’s their choice. But it’s a shame people loathe some physical feature so much they’re prepared to face the risk and pain of surgery.
    Nick recently posted..Unshared memories

  6. The beauty market : An Ingenious Cover up story !

    I thought I’d do a tummy tuck
    To blunt my appetite .
    Throw in a bit of Lipo ,
    So that I’d look just right

    Chisel my nose , tweak my lids
    Smoothen out those wrinkles .
    Get hair implants and whiter teeth ,
    And even insert dimples

    But when I counted the cost ,
    Of all this invasive stuff ,
    I donned a flowing Burkha ,
    And waddled ‘neath in the buff !

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