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  1. There is “begging” and there is “asking for money”. A huge difference.
    Why not take a positive slant on the video? I think it heartening, heartwarming, that people are willing to give money to those who find themselves in a momentary pickle. As happened to me the other day.

    Yours truly Ms Dizzy had misplaced not only herself but her purse. As it happened, and I am not religious, I went across a nearby church’s grounds and its graveyard (at eight o’clock in the morning) trying to collect myself, trying to work out what the fuck to do (the Angel currently being abroad), when an elderly and very fat gentleman sitting near one of the graves said: “You look lost.” “Well”, I answered, “I am not so much lost (geographically), as totally bewildered where to go from here with no more than a twenty pence coin in my hand.” He looked at me – quizzically – for a little while, then he smiled. He emptied his considerable pocket, saying: “I don’t normally do this, but you look like a nice lady.” I couldn’t believe what he gave me. I asked him for his address to repay him. He wouldn’t have it. “Take it”, he said, “and good luck.” And that was it. A two minute encounter between two strangers. I hadn’t asked him for a penny.

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    1. Your story may be unusual there Ursula but here it is very common and our magazines are full of such stories about strangers helping strangers. Makes one happy that humans are not all bad.

  2. there was a man who always stood on the same corner on my way to work in downtown traffic. a local journalist got to know him and did a documentary about him.
    turns out he earned over 40,000 a year in cash. has never paid taxes.
    he left that corner soon afterward.
    ursula’s story is heart warming. renews one’s faith in humankind.
    and that faith gets awfully shaky of late.
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    1. Yes, Ursula’s story is very touching and as you will see from my response to her, I find many such stories in our press here. Your story could well have reflected here on some of our professionals!

  3. there a different kinds of beggar locally to me:

    a couple who have musical instruments – one of whom doesn’t sing, one who has dog [a nice dog] and one who is on his knees

    then there is this girl and her dog [the dog doesn’t look like a nice dog] but she keeps a hold of it well

    then a bunch of others who just have a hat or similar, some have a written cardboard

    none of them seem to have a lot of money in front of them… but maybe that is to make us feel sorry for them..

    in the City there are many more, mostly the sort who appear to live rough and are usually totally overweight and could do with a bath!

    1. there’s another type of beggar, the ones with the christian brochures and similar photocopied lots of paper…one lot even has a special trolley display carts x 2

  4. Oh yeah, beggars can make a lot of money in some places. Truthfully, it turns out that some of them actually have money but they like being out in a crowd. I’ve always thought that if someone was a good beggar they’d make a good salesperson… then they’d have to think of taxes. lol
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