There is a saying that our teachers constantly use to goad us to achieve various results. “Better never begin; Once begun, better finish.”

We often start some new endeavour and after some initial enthusiasm, lose the staying power to finish it. This is particularly so for me on many blog post topics. Currently, I am sitting on seven posts in draft form at various stages of completion. While that keeps piling up, some new idea comes to mind and that gets published leaving the old ones behind. The only exceptions to this state of affairs being the LBC posts every Friday.

Now that I am increasingly getting involved in all kinds of activities outside the home, this is getting to be even more difficult as I am not able to find the time that I had while I was convalascing.

Some serious bloggers have commented that I have stayed the course and continue to blog regularly, whereas, most blogs tend to fizzle out after the first initial few posts. While this is indeed a highly gratifying compliment, I still wish that I could finish all the posts that are in draft form.

How about you readers? Do you have such problems finishing projects that you have started?

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