Behavioural Science.

The problem with Pravin, who has suggested this week’s topic, is that he is very much younger than I am and his touch with Behavioural Science is of a more recent origin than mine. I acquired my Masters degree in Management over fifty years ago whereas Pravin did just six years ago. He has also had some serious human behaviour problems to handle in his young years, which he did with aplomb.  I may however be quite a bit off the mark in offering my take, from what Pravin would expect me to come up with.

Human behaviour,  in my not so humble opinion can be explained in one word. Unpredictable.  No science would ever be able to come up with solutions for such unpredictability, but the student would be able to simply identify the possible cause for such behaviour.

There was a period of time in my past, well after I had formally studied Behavioural Science, when I studied human behaviour with a great deal of vigour as I was in the rat race and felt that such a study would help me deal with such unpredictability. Among the most useful books that I studied and which helped me somewhat were three notable ones starting with The Anatomy Of Power by J K Galbraith; I Am Ok You Are Ok by T A Harris and and Games People Play by Eric Berne.

These books helped, but only to a limited extent because by nature human beings behave in unpredictable ways. So, I gave up trying to understand and come up with strategies to handle behaviour, and accepted whatever came my way but behaved in the way that I felt, rather than thought as being appropriate for the occasion. By and large that strategy has worked and I have not had any major hiccups in my interpersonal relationships including some very unpleasant ones which I survived.

I continue to use the same strategy and am quite comfortable with the results that I experience.

Pravin has suggested this week’s topic. You can see what the other writers of the LBC have to say in their respective blogs.  Maria, Pravin, Ashok and Shackman.

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  1. Hi Rummy,

    Human behaviour is a fascinating topic because humans are fascinating creatures themselves: complex, complicated, cunning, gorgeous. They play a lot of mental games, they take refuge in the deepest parts of their own mind and that is very interesting to see.

    My strategy in dealing with humans is simple: I am very glad to make your acquaintance, to get to know you, to love you even regardless of where you come from or of whom you are…just don’t stand on my way and everything should be fine.

    Have a blessed weekend, my friend.
    Max Coutinho recently posted..Prosecuting Politicians Ex Facto for Corruption and Gross Negligence

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by the varieties of human behavior and studied Meyers-Briggs and Kiersey’s temperaments, psychosynthesis, the Enneagram. etc. It wasn’t so much about dealing with other people, it was more for insights about how other people view the world, expanding my consciousness. DPLDT.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Finding the Right Tools

  3. Rarely do we have enough information about another person to fully understand them, but we often have the need to try. Some individuals actions are more predictable than others but few, if any, are 100%.
    Joared recently posted..CALMING UNSETTLING TIMES

  4. I’ve followed many pathways – both mine and others – and yep, often at the end of a pathway that seems just fine (meaning other person) discovered quite unpredictable. I try hard now to keep “some” others just off the edge, not get involved…

    1. All of find our own ways. What I find now happening with increased social networking possibilities, is old contacts resurfacing and enriching my life while some old contacts becoming toxic and me having to drop them from my life. The latter is much less so the number of contacts that I communicate with regularly on facebook and whatsapp keeps increasing.

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