Being Yourself / Average.

One aspect of WhatsApp is getting unsolicited motivational quotes from well wisher friends who think that sharing such messages would make the bonds stronger. I get more than enough of them to get frustrated at times. There are however times when synchronicity seems to come into play and today is one such day when I received two messages in succession. I reproduce them here without comment as they are both self explanatory.

16 thoughts on “Being Yourself / Average.”

  1. How telling that the elitist diagram (are Bezos, Musk etc the “best” of the human race?) contradicts the patronizing pink quote (as if you hadn’t figured that out for yourself).

  2. I get loads of motivational quotes on Facebook, which just annoy me because I’m quite capable of motivating myself, not to mention making up my own batch of inspirational nonsense. I do compare myself to others, but not in a way that would undermine my self-confidence.

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