Belfast Beautician Belles Can Make Big Bucks.

The BBC’s report on South American Bears kept in zoos in Germany took me off on an innovative thought.

Last week, while I was browsing Grannymar’s old blogs for her anniversary post, I came across her post about receiving flyers from Beauticians willing to come home to wax, and do various things for clients. While Grannymar did not elaborate and I could not read the fine print, I suppose the waxing will be done for men too.

What I think that Grannymar should do is to get those enterprising ladies to go forthwith to Germany and learn how the bears lost all their hair. If they can find that our, they may help the Zoos to get the bears to stop scratching and also look like bears again. A side benefit is to learn how to stimulate the process of losing the hair to start with. Just imagine what great service they can offer to clients of both sex wanting waxing jobs!


Grannymar, you must mentor those enterprising ladies of Belfast to take my advise, study carefully and patent the process by which the bears lost their hair and voila, they will be in big bucks and big time. Imagine the possibilities, franchising all over the world for a patented process! Such horrid outcomes using the old fashioned methods, as shown above can be avoided.

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