Belly Dance.

After reading my post Weight Loss The Fun Way, Maxi had this to say:

“When I close my eyes I see Rummy in a grass skirt doin’ a belly dance … hmmm. Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, ya might wanna wait to start an exercise routine.”

I could not resist the temptation to respond with this: “Maxi, I may stretch a point and do the belly dance on a dare, but wear grass skirts? No! It would be more likely in my lungi.”

For the uninitiated, here is a dance sequence in an old Hindi film where both the hero and the heroine are wearing lungis.

No Maxi, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I do not celebrate any festivals nor observe any rites/rituals. But my friend Neena up in Delhi has promised to bake me the largest fruit cake I have ever eaten, if I knock off ten kilograms before Christmas and I am hard at work at it.

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