Belly Dance.

After reading my post Weight Loss The Fun Way, Maxi had this to say:

“When I close my eyes I see Rummy in a grass skirt doin’ a belly dance … hmmm. Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, ya might wanna wait to start an exercise routine.”

I could not resist the temptation to respond with this: “Maxi, I may stretch a point and do the belly dance on a dare, but wear grass skirts? No! It would be more likely in my lungi.”

For the uninitiated, here is a dance sequence in an old Hindi film where both the hero and the heroine are wearing lungis.

No Maxi, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I do not celebrate any festivals nor observe any rites/rituals. But my friend Neena up in Delhi has promised to bake me the largest fruit cake I have ever eaten, if I knock off ten kilograms before Christmas and I am hard at work at it.

13 thoughts on “Belly Dance.”

  1. A loooooooooong time and many lbs. ago I was in a Polynesian dance group and wore and danced in a grass skirt (for Tahitian) – also danced Maori Hakas, Samaoan knife and a few others. including Hawaiian. Those were the days – LOL. I was actualy a decent knife dancer – including wih fire 😉
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  2. I like this video, made me think of the phrase: “He chased her until she caught him.”

    The largest fruit cake you have ever eaten … uh oh.

    What do we want? A video of you belly dancing round your living room in a lungi. Grannymar put me up to sayin’ this.

    Blessings ~ Maxi
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  3. That’s very self-disciplined of you not observing any rites or rituals. Not even your birthday? It would be hard not to observe Christmas in the UK, everyone is feverishly preparing for it from about October onwards….
    Nick recently posted..Smug and patronising

    1. No, I do not celebrate my birthday either. It was in the early eighties that my late wife and I decided that we will not celebrate any occasion/festival and by now all my connections know of my quirk and do not expect anything from me. I do wish some dear ones on their birthdays but I will not celebrate with them.

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