Beneficial Consequence Of The Faux Pas.

My readers will remember my post on ‘Faux Pas’.

Yesterday was an important festival in India called the Ganesh Chaturthi when idols of Ganesha are immersed after ten days of special worship. Many homes prepare special dishes to celebrate.

This morning, my USA returned friends landed up with many goodies made for the occasion as a ‘peace offering’! I am not the one to look at the mouth of the gift horse and gladly accepted with profuse gratitude. This picture shows Modak, a particularly tasty and important dish. This was only one among a few others but this will give you an idea about the effort that would have gone into making it.

I however remembered Jean’s admonition and tasted a few of the offerings and appreciated the taste and falvours. The lady primped up and was very happy. I added that I could never make such a dish and she primped up even more. It is a fact, that I cannot generate the energy and effort required to make this.

We are quits. Thank you Jean.

I am enjoying the beneficial consequences of the faux pas!

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