Best Movie Of 2015.

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The film that I would rank as the best that I saw during 2015 would be Piku. I had reviewed it in my blog post.

Coincidentally, Piku was chosen as the Best Film in the 61st Britannia Filmfare Awards, as well as other categories. Padukone won her Second Filmfare Award for Best Actress, and Bachchan received his fourth National Film Award for Best Actor at the 63rd National Film Awards and his third Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor for his performance.


Coming now to English movies, although the Oscar for the best picture went to Birdman I was unable to see it when it was released here due to various reasons despite wanting to see it. It completely escaped my attention subsequently and I did not get to see it on a DVD either. I will now put that into my bucket list for this year.

Of all the pictures that I did see in 2015 I would rank Bridge of Spies as the best. I had written my own review recommending it to my readers as one not to be missed.

Thiw week’s topic for the Friday LBC posts was suggested by Shackman whose take on the subject can be seen at his blog. Pravin an occasional contributor may also write and his take can be seen at his blog.

15 thoughts on “Best Movie Of 2015.”

  1. We will have to watch Piku. I also really liked Bridge of Spies. I think we ended up watching it based on your recommendation, and it was a good one.

  2. the marine has Netflix. so glad to know piku is on it! i’ll watch it with the marine.
    and i’m behind on bridge of spies so will watch it too.
    hanks now has a new one out on sully the captain that landed his plane on the Hudson.
    probably will be excellent too. knowing the outcome i can bring myself to watch it.
    will be interested to hear your review of it as well!
    tammy j recently posted..cozy minimal

  3. I could not find Piku so I made do with Bend it like Beckham. I knew I would love it because I did when it first came out. You see there is some benefit in fading memory, the emotion connected stays. Thus you can enjoy all over again and not feel it’s stale.

  4. I thought you would select Bahubali. Had I written I would have selected not one but few –
    1. Kung Fu Panda (3D)
    2. Bahubali
    3. The Walk (3D) – based on a person’s walk on wire between the two twin towers.

    Even after these three Bahubali would have been the choice. Kung Fu Panda and The Walk are more of teachings and I could relate to these movie with my blog, Bahubali was completely off track, so had to miss that.

  5. I have found Piku at an East Indian mart.

    I’m also looking for films featuring Ben Kingsley. Of course, I saw Ghandi many years ago. Kingsley is featured in a relatively new film about the Taj Mahal. I want to “be prepared”. Watch him for some idea about his approach before I see the new film.

    Here is a documentary which I highly recommend. Made in UK by a couple of filmmaking brothers about their trials “fixing” their dad’s health. Very upbeat, topical and engaging. It’s a winner.

    1. I don’t think that Ben Kingsley has acted in any Indian film other than Gandhi. I shall keep a watch out for this film with the Taj Mahal and let you know of any developments. I understand that he is to play Shah Jahan who built the Taj. The documentary is fantastic and I am sharing the link with some family and friends with diabetes. Thank you.

      1. Here is the website where I first found the movie, and much more. I don’t have Diabetes, but like most middle (cough) aged women I would like to lose some weight. And this approach works! It helps one understand the role of carbohydrates and sugar in our poor health.

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