We have Bikehikebabe, who we know from her name and some of her comments to be a biker. Now, I discover that Maynard is another, who goes off on long bike hikes.

Grannymar’s new post led to an unexpected exchange of comments. I quote my last comment here:

“Maynard, have a heart. You get a woman like that and you will need to dance with a crutch. Can’t prop her up on the cross bar of your bicycle can you?”

Maynard is sure to imagine something like this:

What I had in mind is something like this with Maynard pedaling.
indian couple on bikepd1201670

Since however, his bike is unlikely to have a rear carrier as bicycles in India have, I suggested that the crossbar be used. This is done quite often in India when the carrier has got some luggage or a child or something like that.

For those of you who have not seen Maynard, this is his latest photograph. I requested him for one and this is what he has provided me with.
Maynard's Ride

There is a sequel to this post and that is, on seeing this post, Grannymar has sent me a link to her post written in June of last year. For those who are impatient, here is her photograph!
This is for me

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