Girl : (To God) I don’t want to marry. I am educated, independent and self sufficient. I don’t need a husband. But my parents are asking me to marry. What to do?

God replied : You are my finest creation and undoubtedly will achieve many great things. But some things, inevitably, will not go the way you want. Worst, some things will fail. Whom will you blame? Yourself?
Girl: No!
God: Very Good, that’s why you need a husband!


Boy: (To God) but then what will i do. Whom will i blame….
God: your scope is much wider son. You can blame the govt, the education system, the environment, the slow growth, the fast growth, the economy, the politicians, the beraucrats, the infra, religions, beliefs and even me………….. But…. *NEVER EVER BLAME YOUR WIFE*

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