Blockchain Technology.

Ever since I read about Dubai being the first to go wholly for blockchain technology, I have been trying to understand what it is all about without being any wiser despite Guru Google.

I am waiting for a geek to appear to explain it all to me. In the meanwhile, this cartoon resonates with me.  Please click on the image for a larger resolution.

8 thoughts on “Blockchain Technology.”

  1. okay – well not okay – but okay for now… it does looks like it will be safer in there will less ways to defraud someone or something…but then there are always going to be those smart people, the hackers who work around the system, so hopefully that will be a loophole that doesn’t…etc

    1. We will simply have to wait and see. I am glad that Dubai will implement it first as it is small enough for experimentation and innovation before larger countries like we adopt the technology.

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