Blog Action Day 2010

I have just copy pasted this from Bunc’s blog. I hope that my readers with their own blogs will also register and write on Water on October 15. 2010.

Blog Action Day is an annual event where bloggers from all over the world sign up to blog about a specific topic on one day of the year Blog Action Day is one way that ordinary bloggers can help to raise the profile of an issue and contribute their voice to the debate about a topic.

If you haven’t participated before then don’t worry because the whole thing is very easy.

The topic for Blog Action Day 2010 is WATER and everyone will be posting on this topic on 15th October 2010. Nearly one billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water and around 42,000 people die each week from water-borne diseases. But water availability, or rather the lack of it, impacts a wide variety of issues from the environment to women’s rights and from technology to fashion. So there are a really wide range of topics and angles to look at this years topic from.

If you are a blogger and you read this then please sign up for Blog Action Day here. Don’t worry you wont be asked for money – just for some blogging effort to write a post on the subject of water.

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