Blog Humour.

A friend sent this cartoon to me on WhatsApp. I responded with a link to my latest blog post. He responded saying that he reads all my posts as he subscribes to them and gets email alerts. I tried again and said, “The cartoon refers.” He still could not get it! He responded with “What cartoon?”

I finally had to explain that I sent him the link to my post in response to the cartoon of the spider inviting the fly into his website!

He finally got the joke and confessed to being a tubelight! (Tubelight is a term used here to refer to someone slow on the uptake.  A tubelight, unlike other bulbs takes some time to light up when switched on.)

11 thoughts on “Blog Humour.”

  1. I love the cartoon—we are ALL spiders, constantly conspiring to lure those innocent flies to our website! I also like Tubelight, can I borrow it? I’ll use it judiciously, I promise!

  2. We don’t have the term tubelight in the UK. The nearest equivalent would probably be birdbrain, though that doesn’t exactly mean slow on the uptake, just generally dim-witted. In any case, birds are quite intelligent in their own way.

  3. Tubelight is a great term and I want to use it but without the cultural context I would probably have to do a lot of explaining.

  4. “dipstick” is the word here in New Zealand… or if you want a “bit slow on the uptake” … or there was a further failing “he/she’s a bit dopey” and then I think a blond bimbo might also be trailing along in to it all…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Pulling back a bit…

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