Bloggers’ Block, Muses And Meditation.

I made a mistake of confessing to a temporary blogger’s block earlier this week which prompted a deluge of emails and a couple of comments giving me tips to overcome the block and resume blogging.

Among them all, I found two to be most appropriate in my case. The first one is a link to a very old article, from almost twenty years ago, from the New York Times. It made fascinating reading and I share it with all my readers with the hope that one or more of the methods used by other famous writers may work for them in case they ever got this block.

The next one is a picture suggesting that I meditate for release from the block. The picture, my correspondent suggested resembled me in meditation.

You will come across many meditators in India, both in public and in private. Some of them can get quite annoyed if you disturb them.

I am not about to get into a disagreement with my correspondent, but I think that the idea that the picture conveys, is worth considering.

What really worked for me was my simply getting off my you know what, and starting to write something about a topic that popped up in a Google chat with a dear friend. The next time the block happens, I know what is to be done.

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