16 thoughts on “Blogging.”

  1. and why not…it fills in a bit of my day (oops maybe a bit+ of my day). And it doesn’t matter, as you comment CM that I can do whatever I want on my blog – it must be alright as “no one” has deleted mine…

    1. but as CM pointed out, I’m living within “two names” so you probably need to “approve this post…”

      Ursula will be happy that I have chosen to return to my “proper name”… I’m still getting used to it of course, I last used among friends 50 odd years ago…although officialdom doesn’t!

      1. okay it seems to have switched across okay…hi everyone, my parents decided that my name should be Catherine, and until I left their clutches that was so…

      2. Why just two? I live with many names. Ramana, Rummy, Rammu, Ramu, Raj, Dad, Poppadum, and various Indian equivalents of Uncle, Old man, Swamiji and so on and so forth. I believe that when it comes to names, more the merrier.

        1. oh, I have the family additions like “little sis, aunt, great aunt…” I hardly see a cousin, but I don’t think I’ve necessarily been labelled “hello cousin”

  2. You mean blogging is not a highly-skilled, demanding and exacting activity requiring years of practice and persistence? You mean anyone can do it? Oh dear, I’ve been found out….

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