14 thoughts on “Blogging.”

  1. Hi Rummy,

    Oy, I hope this is not you trying to tell us that you will pause Blogging. The truth is many people stopped blogging over the years to focus on FB and Twitter. From those who started with me in 2007, only I and other two are left standing.


    1. Stop / pause blogging and miss the fun of meeting people like you? No chance Max.

      Our original gang of Friday bloggers has now been left with just two die hards. Progress I guess.

  2. The animal cartoon is a great illustration to send messages 🙂 Well done Ramana. Sad to say that there are lots are giving up their blogs in exchange for social media. Yeah, social media can help, but in my opinion, blogging is quite effective if you want to boost your business or services.

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