Bombay Beach.

When I came across the name Bombay Beach, USA I was intrigued. I carried out some research and am not only intrigued, I am stunned that something like this can exist!

Neither the clip nor the Wikipedia link give you as much as you can find about this place from the film Bombay Beach.

It took some effort but it was worthwhile finding out about this town and all that it stands for. The original Bombay now known as Mumabai is a completely different cup of tea!

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  1. Watching the trailer, some of the scenery looked a tad familiar. “Salton Sea?” I wondered. I don’t know remember why or how, but I’ve seen a little bit about this area over the last several years. I’ve never been there. The closest I’ve been was 85 miles away when I was at boot camp in 1972. Seems like a right strange place, but I suspect the “documentary” made it even stranger than it really is.
    Mike recently posted..Blue sky and clouds.

    1. Being the intrepid traveler that you are, I thought that you would come up with some details. It is rather unlike a place in the USA and that is why I found it interesting enough to blog about.

  2. “lost souls in a lost place”
    i know i should want to know about it and experience it. but i just don’t.
    the little boy’s voice and words in the trailer link made me so sad.
    so little. and so futureless. and already old before his time.
    but thank you. i’d never heard about it before this.
    and i try to keep up with the excellent ‘small’ films of real quality.
    you know… like those that come from sundance and tribeca.
    tammyj recently

      1. Yes it’s a localised saying because there is a lot of localised ribbing in NZ between those below it :-). It would probably take me around an hour to get to the place, even via motorways because of the traffic that now plays out daily on the roads…
        Cathy in NZ recently posted..Back to Earth!

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