I have just learned that 594,629 hours is the world average of life expectancy for human beings.

According to my calculations, I have already crossed that average and am on the right side of the parabola of a distribution curve, with 618240 hours already clocked.Β  Considering that I live in India where the figure is much less at 553632, this zaps me.

That makes me feel blessed and also encourages me to treat every coming hour as a bonus to be lived to the fullest.

How about you?

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  1. How to start the year on a downer, Ramana.

    I don’t like information like that. It means nothing. I could leave the house in a few hours (when it gets light) and be hit by a loose canon. I might do a Virginia Woolf, find a stone and end it all before my seconds are up. On the other hand I might live, like I hope you will, to a dotty 120 years telling any passing child how nothing (apart from me) is so last century any longer.

    Ursula recently posted..Roaring trade

  2. The biggest bonus is to be reasonably healthy and be able to live ,
    move around / travel unaided . I have already crossed the Indian Bonus threshold and will cross the Global one in 2015 . But in my case there is a very strange , perhaps unique , “threshold” that comes every year on 31st December . My Father , his brother and their Father all passed away on 31st December ( different years of course ) . So a New Year celebration has a completely different meaning for me !

    1. Nandu, that is awful: The curse of a particular date. Maternal side of my family are obsessed with it. And what do you know: Come, say, the age my grandfather moved to the place where greater fish are to be caught his sons will drop. Which leaves me with one uncle. He is only 80 so – by way of comforting him and doing the maths – told him that he has got another six years to go.

      Ursula recently posted..Roaring trade

      1. Cant agree with that ( dying young ) – curiosity as to what the world will be like , how our kids/grandkids fare etc are some reasons for wanting to stay’ alive . In any case barring suicide or secret death wishes we have no control over when we depart .

  3. Over twenty years ago I kept telling my work colleagues that we didn’t have that many hours yet, we had to make the most of them. They thought I was a bit crazy, but it’s been a great twenty years. πŸ™‚
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..A Great Start

      1. Jean, I can’t resist the urge to ask you. And please do make allowance for my relatively young age: What sort of smiley will you attach to your death note? Please don’t say a smiley smiley or I’ll lose all respect. If it’s any comfort: Just that once I will insert one of those I detest to underline a point and make it a bit down in the mouth.

        Happy 2014,
        Ursula recently posted..Roaring trade

  4. I found this blog post a bit hard to deal with…but I think I might relate slightly to Ursula that I’m in the bonus time, and tomorrow I could be hit by a passing car, whilst crossing a local road to get my groceries…on the other hand it would be shame because I have a lot more to accomplish!
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