Book Club.

I was determined to see Book Club one way or the other as the cast was simply too inviting not to. Unfortunately the theatres that I frequent have not screened it and the one somewhat close by is showing it only at 10.30 pm. The only alternative was for me to go 12 Kms to another suburb to see it and I am glad that I made the effort. The multiplex and the mall in which it is located were a new experience for me and I enjoyed that too.

Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen, carry the show between them effortlessly if somewhat under supported by Jane Fonda. The three males. Andy Garcia, Don Johnson and Richard Dreyfus play unusual supporting roles quite well and under the very able direction of Bill Holderman, the presentation keeps one completely engrossed in the film throughout.

The theme is serious but the presentation is in the comedy genre and it is very appealing. There are serious moments but, even these bring some humour to them.

A thoroughly enjoyable film and if you can see it, don’t miss it.

10 thoughts on “Book Club.”

  1. I gather the four women get inspired by reading Fifty Shades of Grey. A rather odd choice for a book club. But I guess there’s more to the film than their odd choice of reading material.

  2. the marine and I saw it yesterday. it was definitely worth it!
    I like every one of the players and was not disappointed.
    when we had dinner and were talking a bit about it I realized how lovely it is
    to see a film with people TALKING! made me miss all the Nora Ephron movies.
    Nancy Meyer has been good to keep the torch lighted.
    Bill Holderman is new to me but I hope he follows suit!

  3. A nature film for am audience that remembers good filmmaking! The cast is stellar, and the theme is irresistible. My book club read ’50 Shades’, went to the movie, and then went for lunch—a full afternoon!

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