Books, Books And Books.

My readers know how I collect, read and re-read books of all sorts. I have blogged about it some time ago under the title “Books”.

Part of the problem of such a pastime is the storage of books. In the blog post that I have referred to above, the library is groaning, and now it simply has no more space to store any more books. I have started two more shelves in my bedroom for them.

Knowing my problem, two people have come up with two different ideas for me to solve my problem. The first one comes from a very dear friend with a great sense of humour and that is this:

The second solution is a gift from my nephew Jai, who is IT savvy and very practical when it comes to handling his uncle and his quirks. He gave this:

I am in already in love with the latter. As soon as I am able to locate a carpenter who will not charge me the moon, I will arrange to get a sofa like the one pictured above to replace one of the arm chairs in my drawing room. And that will be heart breaking.

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