Books – II A Time To Kill.


Please read my earlier post on Books to get why I call this post Books II.

After reading Sycamore Row by Grisham, I got down to reading his book A Time To Kill. I finished reading it last night and I am very glad that I listened to my inner voice and did that.

My research tells me that A Time To Kill was Grisham’s very first book and no publisher would touch it. Deciding that a different approach to his story telling would be needed, he wrote The Firm and other court room drama books which kindled interest in all his books and so A Time To Kill too became a success.

This post is to convey my surprise that many publishers thought that this novel will not be a success and refused to print it. It has everything a story teller can convey. Shock, disgust, amazement, love, hate, suspense, bigotry, racism, parenting, skullduggery by the priests, grand standing, politics, and so on and so forth and Grisham enjoys writing about all these emotions in their rawest form. In fact, this book is far more readable than the sequel with Jake Brigance.

I have not read any of his other books, and once my to read list gets exhausted, as I write this, there are seven in the queue, I will return to John Grisham.

Needless to say, I am enjoying being back with fiction.

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