Books Vs E-Readers.

I thank Nick for the above image which hits the nail right on its head for him and me.

For me, it is not Books Vs E-readers but, Books AND E-readers. This post is to explain why.

My Kindle E-Reader was registered with Amazon India on July 18, 2013. Currently, I have 33 books loaded and waiting to be read on it and, I have archived 306 books that I have read on it.

This is a book shelf in my bedroom which contains all the books that I keep referring to on and off. Most of them are on Philosophy and religion with a few on history.
This is the library on the upstairs landing where all the books that I have read but which may need revisiting are kept. A few years ago, I had got rid of a couple of hundred books by donating to a good cause which enabled the fund raisers to get some badly needed cash for their NGO work. Despite that reduction and most purchases now being done for my Kindle, the shelf is already groaning.

Neither of these shelves contains any fiction. All the fiction is on my Kindle.

I also get six newspapers every day and six periodicals to read spread over each month.

I read a lot.

My first preference is the Kindle as I can adjust the font to be comfortable. I find that most hard copies of books nowadays use small print to minimise the total number of pages and that is very irritating. I buy hard copies only when the price is very much cheaper than the kindle version is the latter is available.

This is my take on this week’s Friday 4 On 1 blog posts where Conrad, Sanjana, Shackman and I write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been suggested by Shackman. Please do go over to the other two blogs to see what they have to say on the same topic. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “Books Vs E-Readers.”

  1. I may mostly moved to E-readers and save mainly on cabin baggage weight when I’m travelling, and also read easily after the room lights are put off at night

  2. Yeah we are all voracious readers but you guys are interested in heavier stuff typically – regardless, reading is king and in my life second only to music.

  3. I do love the bookshelf on your landing, what a great design and very organized. I am a great fan of fiction, takes me out of myself. Other than that memoirs can hold me. Biographies. Some meditative material and the odd philosophy back when.


    1. Till about a couple of decades ago, I too was very deeply into fiction as I found that easy during my travels. Since retirement and care giving life style however, my taste changed to non fiction as I had the time to indulge. I still read fiction but only selected authors and topics.

  4. I have very few books on hand nowadays – some I know are just here as fillers and really need to be someplace else – I ran into issues with reading real books last year – and somehow can’t get back to them, I prefer to browse books at my local library online virtual portal. But even that is something I wax and wane on. I do however watch a lot of uTube, TV both episodes and documentaries …

    1. oops TV on demand…I don’t have an actual TV, did away with it when digital was the only way forward and I found I haven’t wanted it…

    2. I had the problem of inability to focus last year and underwent treatment with some supplements which put me back on track. I spend about ten hours a week in front of the TV watching three serials every week day. Other than that, I don’t, but do watch youtube when something interesting comes my way.

  5. I believe in the future digital books will be more popular because it can cut off cost of production, more practical, do not need storage space, can be spelled by machines. Millennials prefer all these conveniences.

  6. I too now prefer my kindle. I have many on it I have yet to read!
    but like you… the font size is comforting. I used to browse in books stores. I don’t even enjoy that anymore! I thought… Why on earth is the print SO tiny!!! your comment in this post is the first I’d heard of them purposely making the print smaller! thank you Rummy. I thought I was losing my mind.

    1. Tricks of the trade. I find that fiction nowadays tend to be very long and I wish that the authors would limit the number of words so that the fonts can be bigger. I have just finished reading a fictionalised historic novel in paperback of 420 pages. Any bigger and the book will become unwieldy so the publishers compromise on the font size.

  7. 33 books waiting to be read, that’s quite a waiting list! Yes, some books have absurdly small font sizes. I can still read them but why such small print? If authors were obliged to limit their self-indulgent tomes to 300 pages or so, they could be in a larger and more readable font size.

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