A phenomenon worth headlines is that many young people are moving back in with their parents due to the current economic conditions.

These youngsters returning to empty nests are called the Boomerangers. I like that term.

Our son boomeranged after he started making a living on his own on four occasions. We were delighted on all the four. He is now a permanent fixture and I am very happy with that situation.

I however have a peculiar situation in my home and this post is to ask my readers to suggest a term to describe another phenomenon.

My then 92 year old father permanently moved in with me 2+ years ago. What should I call him? My friend who visited last week suggested Prodigal Father. Does not appeal to me though in some ways it is logical. I am looking for a generic term that we can apply to any parent moving in with a child. Who knows, I may become one in my doddering old age.

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