Since the first of April, I have been getting text messages from The Ministry of Health And Family Welfare, Government of India,  that I am now eligible to take what it called the “Precaution Dose” of Covid Vaccine. I was waiting for my Club to organise the vaccination program like they had done in July but, seeing no advice from them about this, I decided to go to a local hospital to get it done.

So, off I went this morning escorted by Ranjan to Ruby Hall Clinic, a famous hospital of Pune, where I had previous experience of two surgeries. All went like clockwork though navigating through parked cars to the vaccination centre was like an obstacle course and in a matter of minutes, I was vaccinated and the proud owner of this certificate too.  Please click on the image for a larger resolution.

And the icing on the cake was the very attentive nurse who vaccinated me addressing me very endearingly as “Uncle” to remind me how avuncular I am.!

Have you been boosted yet?

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  1. I’ve been eligible for a booster for a little while but I haven’t had it yet. Did the booster give you a day of very unpleasant side effects?
    Avuncular is the perfect term for you

    1. As I write this, it has been 28 hours since the injection. I felt listless and lethargic the whole of yesterday and rather stiff and tired this morning. After my siesta earlier today, I am feeling perfectly normal. All I had to take was a paracetamol tablet last night and this morning after breakfast.

  2. Yes I had my booster some time ago, and got an updated small card with the details on. As it’s now coming up to winter flu’ also had that shot this last week. Both vaccinations caused no issues other than a bit of a sore arm.

    I understand our gov’t is debating whether us “oldies” and others who are “vulnerable” have a 4th covid-shot…

    Our mandatory restrictions and rules have changed though, we do not need to show a Vaccine Pass or scan the QR codes now – still got masks in enclosed spaces (and wherever else you think you should) and some social distancing. There are still restrictions on “attendees in various places” but that’s not truly affecting me. And I’m attempting to follow a “safe as possible mode” which of course, I’m not sure it will work but time will tell…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Friday to Tuesday

    1. Since the beginning of April, our state has removed all forms of restrictions including the compulsory wearing of masks. People are however advised to wear masks voluntarily as abundant precaution. Producing proof of vaccination has also been discontinued in public places and transport.

  3. I’m glad Ranjan was there and that it worked so well for you.
    I think I will go again to my pharmacy. they are good and very efficient. and they keep wonderful records. Cheers Sean! xo

    1. So was and am I. Now that I have been boosted, I intend doing some socialising from this week and am in the process of working out the logistics. Will of course post about my adventures.

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