Since the first of April, I have been getting text messages from The Ministry of Health And Family Welfare, Government of India,  that I am now eligible to take what it called the “Precaution Dose” of Covid Vaccine. I was waiting for my Club to organise the vaccination program like they had done in July but, seeing no advice from them about this, I decided to go to a local hospital to get it done.

So, off I went this morning escorted by Ranjan to Ruby Hall Clinic, a famous hospital of Pune, where I had previous experience of two surgeries. All went like clockwork though navigating through parked cars to the vaccination centre was like an obstacle course and in a matter of minutes, I was vaccinated and the proud owner of this certificate too.  Please click on the image for a larger resolution.

And the icing on the cake was the very attentive nurse who vaccinated me addressing me very endearingly as “Uncle” to remind me how avuncular I am.!

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